Logicware for AI Agents

A complete solution to deploy AI agents to make your data conversational

With DATACURVE's Logicware you gain a  competitive edge, deploying AI solutions trained on your data and knowledge base, adapted to your business context, whether it is marketing, operations, finances, or customer engagement.  With its robust features and easy enterprise integrations, Logicware accelerates your enterprise’s launch initiatives, seizing opportunities swiftly and staying ahead in the dynamic business landscape.  

LogicWare is ready to deploy, agnostic of AI models or underlying blockchain infrastructure, and simplifies complex user interactions to unlock the full potential of AI and web3 applications. 


The easiest way for organizations to talk to their fragmented data and make it actionable

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Merge Physical and Digital Worlds

Leverage our propreitary AI agents to turn raw data into novel and meaningful  asset classes by tokenizing real world assets and physical infrastructure. 

Identify and Engage with SUPERFANS

Identify and Engage with SUPERFANS

Logicware unearths superfans hidden in vast data, empowering businesses to identify their most passionate ambassadors and cultivate deeper engagement with them. 

Generate New Revenue Streams

Generate New Revenue Streams

Use specific AI agents to recreate digital spaces and monetize them through exclusive collectibles and experiences to boost revenue and loyalty.

Interoperability and Customizations to Suit Your Business Needs

LogicWare provides for a comprehensive set of features for the most demanding of use cases. Our platform is configured with a range of integration options for interoperability with any enterprise system. 

Use any AI Model

Logicware supports most AI models and can fine tune the models based on your datasets

Generate Assets

Use the power of AI to create and manage and monetize your digital assets

Smart Wallets

Easy tools to store, manage and transact with digital assets for your users

Deep Customization

Use your own data and data models to create specific digital assets for your audience. 


Remove friction in commerce via easy payments in fiat, or stablecoins, anywhere in the world

Cloud Environment

Simply deploy Logicware on your preferred cloud platform including GCP, AWS, Azure, and Oracle

Create your next generation AI applications with Logicware's solid foundations


DATACURVE's Logicware for conversational data is a powerful middleware powered with APIs and SDKs that makes your data conversational and transforms how you interact with it. Gone are the days of lengthy, complex, and complicated database queries and responses.

With Logicware, CXOs and their marketing, operations, finance teams can talk to their data and knowledge bases and uncover actionable data. Logicware allows your business to captivate communities with unforgettable experiences.

With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, Logicware is the perfect way to bring your visions to life.

With a simple natural language processing interface, Logicware makes it quick and easy to add new workflows and monetization channels to a brand’s strategy.

Expand Business Model

Logicware AI Agent: Uncover behavior patterns, correlations and trends to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiencies, and identify opportunities for growth.

Logicware Action: Create new markets, revenue and engagement with untapped digital and web3 marketplaces for experiential commerce. 

Personalize Content

Logicware AI Agent: Collect and sift through large amounts of data from multiple marketing platforms and summarize the findings.

Logicware Action: Create meaningful, personalized, digital assets for outbound campaigns whether it is for brands, retail, sports, or entertainment venues

Analyze Behavior

Logicware AI Agent: Integrate with a wide range of other data sources, tools, to understand actual user behavior instead of stated preferences. 

Logicware Action: Engage with offers, coupons, merchandise, digital collectibles, etc. in an ecosystem with a single click of a button