NFT Drops, Simplified

May 03, 2022By DataCurve

We are excited to announce our latest offering empowering primary creators – NFT Drops, aka Drops brewed exclusively for The NFT Brewery community. NFT drops have shown a lot of promise for a variety of applications, yet it has been very confusing for most brands and creators to enable NFTs for their audiences. NFT Drops by The NFT Brewery are experiences that brands and creators can curate as they embrace the third coming of the interconnected web or Web3.  

person using MacBook

First, it is important to understand the factors that are contributing to the emergence of NFTs and the digital economy that is being powered by them. At play here are generational changes. Specifically, the emergence of digital natives with GenZ, the demographic most comfortable with the blurring of physical and digital experiences.

Advancements in tech have made it really easy to enjoy a streaming concert in surround sound blaring into one’s ears and in the comfort of one’s home or on the phone. As such, ginormous amounts of digital content is already being created and consumed. The physical and digital realities are the two skis on which we are navigating the slopes of life.

NFTs are essentially the primitives of Web3, bringing together the creator, the owner and the provenance of digital assets. This makes NFTs a powerful tool. Previously it was not possible to express these relationships so concisely and elegantly.

However, there are only about 30M people who have interacted with NFTs and only 1M do so with any regularity. There is work to be done to take these primitives mainstream and power more experiences in our interconnected world – whether it is gaming or brands looking for more engaging customer experience and monetization channels.

With Drops, we are making it easy for businesses to start to familiarize themselves with the potential of NFTs as primitives as they channelize new growth and monetization opportunities.